Welcome to India Bike Week Community. Here, we’ll be bringing many riding clubs & communities that ride and work together under one roof; who take our species forward. Located in various parts of the country, they have one passion that unites them : Motorcycles.

Gears is an initiative to bring the biking community in Goa together in a single setting.
Whether you zip around town on a Honda Dio or travel at light speed on an imported Superbike, if you are Goan (or reside in Goa), you are a potential GEARhead!
Location – Goa
Rotrods is a group of like-minded travel enthusiasts who share a common passion of motorcycles & love for the road. Doesn’t matter what you ride, as long as you are passionate and adventurous you’re welcome to part of the pack!
Location – Pune
Devils Angels Riders Klub is a group of Superbikers from Mumbai Established in 2012. We started the group with 4 riders having a common passion of riding every Sunday with our big machines exploring new riding destinations with an Aim to promote the art of superbiking technically and promote safety gears. Today we are widely spread in Mumbai Daman and Ratnagiri with more than 100 passionate superbikers.
Location – Mumbai
Dukes of Nagpur
The Dukes of Nagpur Riding Club was founded on December 14, 2014 and it was formed to express the love for motorcycles and riding. We take pride in our club and our motorcycles, but most of all, the friendships that are built as a result of riding.
Location – Nagpur
HOI is a private registered club with its own registered trademark, comprising only Harley Davidson bikers. The primary focus of the club is on safety and riding etiquettes. The Annual HOI rides are usually 4,500 km to 5,500 km long, spread across 10 – 12 days.
Location – Pan-India
The Fraternity Riders
A team exclusively for Indian diaspora, people of Indian origin(PIO) & Non-resident Indian (NRI) from Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand – to ride & share their passions. We strive to develop a sense of belonging and a strong bond among our fellow riders through our heritage, our culture, our traditions, our language and our ideology that stresses our ancestry.
Location – Malaysia
At Riders Republic, Motorcycling is a path to freedom, it’s a source of inspiration, which makes us to listen to our own heart beat which makes us understand ourselves better and care for ourselves and others.It is built on the founding principles of Brotherhood, Safety & Philanthropy being at its core.
A herd of free soul riders with big heart, who believe in giving back to the society in a small way, which can make little difference to the world we live in.
We ride together, laugh together and exemplify what biking is when we get off the saddle.
We impart dignity and togetherness to motorcycling that inspires others.
We believe there are “NO FIRST AMONG EQUALS”
Wolfe Pack India is made up of riders of the Royal Enfield and lovers of
India’s very own BEAST. Started: 26th February 2011 @ Hyderabad, India has for some sweet reason
spread to many other cities. Cock up & RIDE!
Naked Wolves
NW stands on one principle of promoting and practicing safe riding. Having said that, we also believe in carving a biker into a rider. The best part here is everyone is at the same level and everyone is a brother to each other. We ride, we learn and we all have fun together.
Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC)
Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC) is the biggest club exclusive for Bajaj Avenger Owners. We are present in 10 cities across the country and are expanding further.
The general public outlook of bikers in Mangalore is that they are speed mongers who don’t have any consideration for safety and rules. We want to change this and make people aware that Biking is not all about speed and glamour but also of Moral and Public responsibility. Our group members have some of the most diverse set of bikes, yet we ride with unity to promote the true biker spirit. Along the way we also want to educate the fellow bikers about usage of safety gears when riding.
Coastal SuperBikers
A bunch of over 50 passionate super-bikers from Udupi, Mangalore, Kundapur, Karkala. We believe in the mantra: It’s not about the destination, all about the ride. The club rides every Sunday to a new destination and explores the scenic routes of Coastal Karnataka.
BOLD represents the passion for these mean machines while promoting safe riding. Co-founded in 2010, BOLD promotes safe and responsible riding. Over the years BOLD has been associated with numerous rides across India and is often regarded as one of the most responsible Motorcycle clubs of Delhi. BOLD has always been part of rides for various social causes, safety and safety awareness.
Location: Delhi
Sovereign Riders Solapur
A motorcycle club from Solapur (maharashtra) . We are divided from different brand of motorcycle but united by one thing i.e. Bikerhood ! Long live bikerhood.
Location – Solapur
HBO (Hyderabad Benelli Owners)
We have been riding motorcycle for various reasons or no reason. No matter what, we love to get on our bike, sync with it’s rhythm and ride. The journey is what matters so much to us but not the weather. It’s not the destination which matters but what we explore on our ride. For us it’s our bike which is our partner and on it, with it, by it every moment comes to life. Lets just ride!
Location – Hyderabad
Lady Riders of India
In the world of brotherhood, we stand by Sisterhood, for the unconventional love of biking. Here we are : “Lady Riders of India”. We are a bunch of fun ladies, who own and ride superbikes above 650cc from several makes like Duccati, Harley, Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki or BMW. Here you will find women from different proffesions going through different phases in life come together for the passion of biking.You can be a racer, a tourer or stunt rider, but most of all you need to be “You” – strong, passionate and full of life. Successful ladies have a loyal tribe of loyal and honest women behind them. Not backstabbers, not haters or women who whisper behind their backs. We are women who lift other women. We are “Lady Riders of India”
36 Cavalry
We are a group of bike enthusiasts who got together around 2012. Since the group has traveled several thousand miles making new memories and stronger bonds in the process. The youngest of the group being 23 and the oldest 55. We all have one thing in common and that’s our love to ride.We have ridden to many tourist places allover india, as well North America, south east asia and new zealand. Last year we were the only motorcycle group in Sturgis from India. Here’s to making more memories in the years to come.
Bikerhood Hyderabad
Bikerhood Hyderabad Motorcycle Club was established in 2013 as an OEM-nuetral platform for promoting biker lifestyle in Hyderabad. The need for such a platform arose after biking affectionados in the city realised that owner’s clubs promoted by manufacturers strayed away from the essential biker ethos of freedom. In the course of the last 3 years, Bikerhood has increased its tribe bringing together love for the open road and the machines that conquer them to be the biggest premium motorcycle club in the city; welcoming bikers who ride any machine with lung capacity of atleast 600cc. Bikerhood promotes safe riding and a win-win approach to OEMs and their dealers to provide a hassle free and safe riding experience for members.Bikerhood encourages events and rides that promote awareness on saftey and social issues and also are involved in charitable activities in Hyderabad. Two of our members recently completed a ride to every capital city in the country to promote the use of Helmets. We Promote The words Wear Helmet, Ride Safe with Pride.
Location – Hyderabad
Bikers of India – Kolhapur
If you enjoy the wind against your helmet visor, venturing into unexplored terrains, beyond the realm routine of your life; with a clan of bikers that has evolved into BIKER HOOD, then look no further- BIKERS OF INDIA – KOLHAPUR is a place for you- a clan that rides out every month, come hail or storm, to add days to your life. Since its inception in 2013, Bikers of India – Kolhapur, have steadily evolved into a definitive cult, redefining the idea of riding for leisure and passion. Apart from monthly rides, we have also successfully organised bike events like Vintage Bike Show. The club is also actively involved in various bikers events like Rider Mania, IBW, BOBMC etc. Sixteen riders from the club had also attempted Saddle Sore 1600K ride organised by IBA- USA in January 2016 out of which 12 riders successfully completed the ride. Bikers of India – Kolhapur always promoted community riding along with safety and discipline.
Location – Kolhapur
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