It’s not just about the paths you take or the machines you ride. It’s also about the people who make the journey with you. This is IBW People, where we honour those of our tribe who stood out, delivered and made us proud over the years. Join us as we take you on a journey, straight from the experience of legends.

Honour Roll 2015: Somendra Singh, Vijay Parmar & BOB MC

Honour Roll 2013: Bullet Bose, Ashish Moudghil, Deepa Malik

Honour Roll 2014: Aspi Bhathena, Zubin, Anton

Build Off 2013: Vijay Singh, Adil Dumasia, Manu

Build Off 2014: Vijay Singh, Raza Hussain, Tushar Jaitley, Arjun Raina, Adil Dumasia, Shail Sheth, Rag & Bone

Pankaj Trivedi, CS Santosh, Anand & Dean, Kunal Bhaskaran, Santosh (Nistrakya), Aniket Das, Ted Simon, Nick Sanders, Bharadwaj and many more.

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