This Is The Land Of The Wild.

Heart Over Head,

Passion Over Logic,

And Brotherhood Over Boundaries –

That’s The Law Of The Land.

Reserved For The Seekers, Fearless And The Wild,

This Is The Hunting Ground

For The Thrill Of The Unknown.

And It’s Yours For The Taking.

land of the Wild White
land of the Wild White
IBW Chai Pakoda ride 2021
IBW Chai Pakoda ride 2021

With 100+ rides hosted across various cities in India over the years, IBW Chai Pakoda Rides have become a platform for bikers to get to know their local biking community better. 

This year IBW has partnered with Petronas Sprinta to host rides in 15 cities across India.

Doesn’t matter what you ride, just gear up for a short Sunday spin and some hot chai, pakodas, and lots of banter with fellow bikers.