The leaders of the tribe always stay ahead of the rest. But every once in a while, these mortals take a breather, and let us in on their secrets! The best of the best from the motorcycle community take a break from their wild journeys to share their tales of grit, dirt and endurance from the road.

Candida Louis

10 countries and 28,000 kilometres in 120 days. It’s not just passion that can take you places, it’s the determination to make the road your own. Candida Louis talks about her super inspiring #BigTrip from Bangalore to Sydney, Australia! She successfully completed her solo trip covering 28,000 kms across 10 countries. #IndiaBikeWeek2019 #IBW6 #IBW2019.

Alex Chacon

Alex Chacon sold all of his belongings to ride around the world across 200,000+ Kms, 50+ Countries, 80+ borders and 5 continents to raise awareness for charitable causes. He’s making his way onto the #BigTrip stage to tell us his inspiring journey at #IndiaBikeWeek2019

Girish PV

Girish PV brought the idiom to life when he embarked on a journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir with his riding partner, that to on their old M80s! Now that's something! Join him as tells us his enthralling story at the #BigTrip stage at #IndiaBikeWeek2019

Manas & Anu Dewan

Who is your partner on the big beautiful road? Manas Dewan and Dr. Anuradha Bhonsale Dewan held hands and embarked on the Gypsy trail, motorbiking together across 18 countries and 20,000kms over 4 months. Hear all about their awesome experiences at #IndiaBikeWeek2019 Big Trip stage.

Debasshish Ghosh

For some bikers, the world is just one long stretch of the road. Debasshish Ghosh and Dharmendra Jain rode 68,000 kms, across 5 continents and 35 countries in 270 days on their motorcycles! Hear them talk about their epic adventures at the #BigTrip stage at the #IndiaBikeWeek2019. What's the longest you've been on the road for? #IBW2019 #IBW6

Deepak Kamath

What are legends made of? The man who covered the length and breadth of the equator without using the same road twice. With over 4,00,000+ kms of lores, Deepak Kamath arrives to enlighten us. #Respect

Sukesh Vishwa

4 months, 30000km, 3 countries. Filming and riding across Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru) - The multi-talented @sukesh_viswanath talks about his motorcycle escapades Join him at #IndiaBikeWeek2019 as he takes the #BigTrip stage! #IBW2019

Maral Yazarloo Patrick

Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick holds the record for the highest mileage on a super bike for ladies, with over 250,000 km. Her achievements in the biking world have earned her the title of the ‘Queen of Superbikes of India’. Hear all about her iconic world biking tour where she covered over 110,000 km across in seven continents and 64 countries in 18 consecutive months at #IBW2019 Big Trip Stage. #IndiaBikeWeek2019 #IBW6

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