A few bold ones from the biking community have managed to turn their daily trips and adventures into some of the most exciting two-wheeled content on the inter-web, and we love it! We’re inviting the best of the best from the content creators space and hosting the country’s biggest moto content creators meet-up! Get up-close and personal your favorite YouTubers and learn more about the Art of Moto-Vlogging.

Dino's Vault

Dinesh Kumar, fellow biker, moto-enthusiast and entrepreneur is at the fore of innovation in the biker scene. His video journeys guide and inspire us all. Dino’s Vault unlocks at the IBW Content Creators Meet at #IndiaBikeWeek2019. Be there!

Toll free Traveller

For many, travelling the road is their passion. But a rare few decide to share their passion and inspire others. Rohith aka @tollfreetraveller arrives at #IndiaBikeWeek’s content creator meetup.

Winter Wanderer

Akhtar Shaikh, the man who greets the chilling winter with a warm embrace tells us how he conquers the road through his lens. The @Winter_Wanderer is coming to the #IBW2019 Content Creators Meet.

JS Films

The wild terrains and the unpredictable weather are no match to a moto-enthusiast’s passion. Jasminder Singh of JS Films shows us how he sets the gold standard for content at #IndiaBikeWeek2019.

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