IBW salutes the spirit of moto-women and celebrates their passion towards motorcycling way of life. From globetrotter, to motorsports we invite some of the most inspirational women in the community to come and share their tales.

Dr. Neharika Yadav

India's Fastest Lady Superbiker on Buddh International racing circuit and a practising dentist! Catch Neharika Yadav at the IBW Moto Women Meet at #IndiaBikeWeek2019!

Sonia Jain

A Limca Book Record Holder, Sonia Jain shares her experience of riding across India-Myanmar-Thailand. Catch her at the IBW Moto Women Meet at #IndiaBikeWeek2019!

Anan Hasim

The only Indian Stunt Athlete to win an international stunt competition in 2017, Join the Indian professional bike stunt performer and rider Anam Hashim at the IBW Moto Women Meet at #IndiaBikeWeek2019!

Dr. Maral Yazarloo Patrick

Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick holds the record for the highest mileage on a super bike for ladies, with over 250,000 km. Her achievements in the biking world have earned her the title of the ‘Queen of Superbikes of India’. Hear all about her iconic world biking tour where she covered over 110,000 km across in seven continents and 64 countries in 18 consecutive months at #IBW2019 Big Trip Stage. #IndiaBikeWeek2019 #IBW6

Dr. Sarika Mehta

A psychologist, mother and rider, Sarika Mehta was part of the historic ride across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, completing the 10,000-km journey in just 39 days! She's also been awarded with 'World Book of Records Certificate' covering 21,000km and 3 continents spreading awareness on women's pride. She joins our inspiring line-up at the IBW Moto Women Meet at #IndiaBikeWeek2019!

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